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Here's the Deal ...

"If This Quick And Easy Tweak Doesn’t Boost Your Site's Conversion Rate... I’ll Pay YOU DOUBLE Your Money BACK!"

From the desk of: John Greer, CEO/Founder of MyTrustSeals.com
Date: February 17, 2018

Hi, my name is John Greer, I’m a Web Traffic Conversion Expert and I’m CEO/Founder of MyTrustSeals.com and today, ...

“I'm Going to Show You How I’ve Consistently Exploited A Dead Simple ‘Tweak’, Time After Time, To Increase My Clients Conversion Rates By An Average Of 14.4% And To Double (and even TRIPLE) The ‘Take Home’ Profits Of Their Sites - Without Making ANY Other Changes! "

"…And How YOU Can Implement This On YOUR Site Within Minutes Of Reading This Page - To Regain The Hidden Profits You’re Leaving On The Table Every Single Day…”

For the past several years, I have made my living by helping clients increase their conversion rates, get more sales and basically skyrocket the profits of their online businesses.

I get paid based on performance, and specifically, I get a percentage of the increase in profits that my work results in.

In other words...

"I Only Get Paid if I Increase the Profits of My Clients!"

That may sound risky but the fact is that I’m really, really good at what I do and I use the most effective cutting edge tools and methodologies available which make generating huge gains in conversion rates seem like child’s play.

For example, I use Multivariate Landing Page Optimization Systems which automatically split test rotating variations of landing page elements to find the right combination that squeezes the most subscriptions and sales from existing traffic.

Or Aggregate Visitor Behavior Heatmaps which monitor all visitor interaction (clicks, scrolls, cursor movements) on every visitor’s click path and generates heatmaps which tell me what page elements are the most compelling to visitors and which elements create the most friction/anxiety for them - causing them to decide NOT to buy.

And I test EVERYTHING. I test video, audio, headlines, engagement tactics (surveys, demos, trials, etc), exit pop-ups, video spokesperson, live chat, text color/font/size, guarantees, price points, etc, etc.

But... I Have A 'Secret Weapon' that CONSISTENTLY Skyrockets the Profits of My Clients ...

The reason that I can ALWAYS increase conversion/profits and therefore ALWAYS make a lot of money for my clients (and myself) is that I have a few ‘go to’ tricks up my sleeve which consistently and predictably result in dramatic boosts in conversion rates, subscriptions and sales.

"I can't reveal all my conversion tricks here but I WILL give you the ONE trick which YOU can use right now to increase your sales by about 15%..."

Now I consider myself a genuinely good person but I want to be honest and let you know that I’m not giving you this 'golden nugget' out of the goodness of my heart.

Frankly, I have my own personal gain in mind too.

Here's the catch...

You see, my team and I have developed a system which makes implementing this conversion tactic dead simple, fast and inexpensive - when it would otherwise take several days and a small fortune to implement.

Just like I do with all my other clients, I’d like to share in the additional profits I generate for you.

But don't worry... I DON'T want a % of your profits!

What I would like is just a small fee for your use of the service we built.

The beauty of this deal for you is that this fee is really insignificant compared to the increased subscribers, sales and profits this will generate for you.

And because you don’t know me (yet), and don’t know my track record (yet), and probably don’t really trust me (yet) ...

Increase Your Conversion Rates...

...Or We'll Pay You DOUBLE Your Money Back!

"But First, Let Me Give You My Expert Opinion On WHY Your Conversion Rates May Be Lower Than You’d Like Them To Be…"

* Why is it that about 97% of visitors ‘bounce’ away from a site within 5 seconds?
* Why are most site's conversion rates so low?
* Why don’t more of your visitors opt in to your list?
* Why don’t more visitors subscribe to your newsletter?
* And most importantly, why don’t more visitors buy from you?

Drum roll...           It’s because...

Your Website Visitors Don't TRUST You Enough To Click Your 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now' Buttons!

Here's Specifically What Your Visitors Are Worried About:


that you’re another online scam or that you don’t treat your customers well,


that your website is not secure enough to keep them safe from identity theft, credit card fraud and hackers,


and that you may SPAM them, infect them with spyware or viruses, or that you will sell, rent or share their private information with third parties without their consent


An IMB Study Confirms How Serious The Trust Problem Is:

Fact 1:

“in the next twelve months, more than three times the number of respondents think it is more likely they will be the victim of a cybercrime (ie, attacked through networked devices such as computers, ATMs, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) than a physical crime”

Fact 2:

“70 percent only use Internet shopping sites that display a security protection seal”

Fact 3:

“27% have stopped buying from unfamiliar retailers”



And Guess What? 10-40% Of Your 'Would-Be' Subscribers/Buyers Are SO CLOSE To Clicking Those 'Sign Up' Or ‘Buy Now’ Buttons...

And They WOULD... If Only They Trusted That...

A) you aren't going to scam them and steal their money,
B) your website is secure and their identity won't be stolen,
C) you aren't going to SPAM them to death or sell their info

So what’s the easiest and fastest way to inject that missing trust between you and your visitors?

“The Absolute Easiest, Quickest and Cheapest Way to Get More Of Your Visitors To Trust You And Therefore Do Business With You Is To Add 3rd Party Trust Seals to Your Site”

Need Some Proof to Support That Statement?
Checkout these stats:

"More than 71% of online shoppers look specifically for third party seals of approval when they visit a Web site."
-- Consumer Reports



"54% of respondents who shop online say they now take more precautions when purchasing over the internet. 84% of shoppers know to look for signs that the page is secure before submitting personal and financial details..."
-- CyberSource



PETCO ran a series of split A/B tests to measure whether or not a site seal would increase its transaction rate. PETCO ran several tests in several locations and found not only that including the security seal resulted in a sales uplift, but that the sales uplift actually increased when the seal was more prominently featured. According to the article, putting the seal in the lower left corner of the navigation bar resulted in an increased conversion rate ranging from 6.31% to 8.15%. Best location of all was the upper left corner of the home page, which increased conversions by 8.83%.
-- Trust Mark Effectiveness posted by Tim Callan blogs.verigsign.com




(It's easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


"... And if your brand is unknown, you can typically expect a 15-20% increase in conversion ... and some sites which have a 'less than professional' design can increase conversion from 20-50% - and even higher"

The less recognized your site's brand is; the more you will boost your conversion rates by adding trust seals to your site.

The pyschology behind that is that a lesser know site brand has a much larger trust gap between itself and it's website visitors.

In other words, the wider the trust gap between you and your customers; the more anxiety your site visitors have about doing business with you; the larger the percentage of 'on the fence' site visitors you have; and the more opportunity exist to get those visitors over the fence by simply adding Trust Seals to your web pages.

On the other side of the coin, the more widely recognized your brand is, the lower will be the increase in conversion rates when adding Trust Seals because the percentage of visitors that are 'on the fence' about doing business with you is much smaller.

For example, with the Petco case study above, Petco is a well known brand which already has significant trust established between most of their visitors so the seals don’t have as much of a trust filling effect as would an unknown brand.

However, in the Petco case study, the Trust Seals STILL increased conversion rates by almost 9% - that’s HUGE!

That means their already huge sales volume increased by about 9% - just by adding Trust Seals to their site. I can’t think of anything ELSE they could have done to get the same results.


Do The Math: What Impact Would Increasing YOUR Site's Conversion Rates By The Average Of 14.4% Have On YOUR Business?


How Many More Subscribers Would You Get From YOUR Site?


How Many More Sales Would You Get?


What Impact Would That Have On Your Business?


How Much More Would You Be Able to Pay On Customer Acquisition?


How Much More Traffic Would That Allow You To Acquire?


How Much Faster Would Your List(s) Grow?


What Other Opportunities Would Open Up?


Which Advertising Campaigns Would Now Be Profitable?


Which Advertising Campaigns Would You Scale Up?



(It's easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


Here’s What The Top Conversion Experts Think About Trust Seals...

"Haven’t explored trust logos yet, then you’re missing out. … because they’re working. These little trustmarks have the ability to get more people to push the button, sign up for the newsletter, enter their credit card information, or even pick up the phone and call the number".
-- David Booth Founding Partner at WebShare, LLC


“In addition to contributing to an honest and open Internet atmosphere, privacy certification and trustmarks can improve customer acquisition, retention and can have an actual impact on your sales as the E-LOAN test clearly demonstrates."
-- E-Loans' use of a Trust Mark test with TRUSTe:

 truste  eloan


"And to avoid FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that scares off would-be buyers, be sure to strategically place "trust" comments, testimonials and seals along the way. Too many visitors leave because though they like the product, they are not sure that you can be trusted to deliver and service their accounts. Trust is a must or your sale is a bust."
-- Bruce Clay Optimizing Your Landing Page for Better Conversions

Did You Know That A 10% Boost In Conversion Rates Can Double (and even TRIPLE) Your Site's Profits?!

One interesting thing that I’ve observed with many website owners is that they don't really 'get' how dramatically profits increase with just a 10% increase in conversion rates.

Yes, they understand that increased conversion translates into an increase in profits but it’s rare for a site owner to be aware of just how much of an impact it can have on bottom line ‘take home’ profits.


Here Are Three Examples That Show Just How Big Of An Impact Increased Conversion Can Have On Your Business’ Bottom Line Profits…

I want you to really 'get' just how much an increase in conversion rate can skyrocket your site's profits.

To do that, let's take 3 sites and for the sake of simplicity, let's assume that they're selling an info product, membership site or subscription that, other than the marketing costs, doesn't significantly increase their costs as they get new customers.

Also, let's use 12% as a conservative boost in conversion rates.

(note: the average increase in conversion rates after adding trust seals is 14.4%)

Checkout these Dramatic Increases in Profit:

Without Trust Seals:
Site A
Site B
Site C
Marketing Expense
With Trust Seals:      
Revenue (increase of 12%)
Marketing Expense (no change)
Increase in Profit
Profit Boost %



(It's easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


Besides Dramatically Increasing Profits, Here Are Some More Benefits Of Using Trust Seals…


More opt ins


More subscribers


A Larger and more responsive list


More members for your membership sites


More sales mean more upsell opportunities


Large orders from customers


More frequent orders from customers


Longer customer retention


More profit per sale allows you to spend to acquire a sale (larger marketing budget)


Larger marketing budget allows you to out-advertise your competitors


Out-advertising competitors create more market share


So Why Don't All Sites Use Trust Seals? It's Because They Can Be Expensive, Difficult To Qualify For and Time Consuming To Implement

By now you’re probably aware that Trust Seals are no big secret. There are several companies that offer them. But why don’t more people use them if they have such a huge positive impact on conversion rates?

First of all, it’s to YOUR advantage that everybody doesn’t use Trust Seals because if everybody did, then they obviously wouldn’t have such a dramatic positive impact on conversion rates.

But Here Are The 5 Major Reasons
That Marketers Don’t use Trust Seals:


Site owners don’t realize how much distrust their visitors have (I didn’t)


Site owners don’t realize how dramatically trust seals can boost conversions and profits


It can be VERY expensive (can cost from $2,300 to $19,000 per year depending on your site’s traffic and revenue)


It is typically difficult to setup (can require technical changes to your site and changes to business practices)


It is very time consuming to setup (can take anywhere from several days to several weeks)

Basically, the biggest Trust Seal providers like McAfee (HackerSafe), Truste and Verisign can command high rates and still get away with a difficult and time consuming setup process because site owners don’t have other options.

This Creates Huge A Need In The Market For A Service That Makes Implementing Trust Seals Ridiculously Quick & Easy, Is A Fraction Of The Price And Delivers Higher Conversion Rates…

As you know, I'm a Website Traffic Conversion Expert so I've always been frustrated with the fact that the companies that I get my trust seals from don't split test their seals to increase my conversion rates.

There's a HUGE opportunity sitting right in front of them to increase the conversion rates of ALL their subscribers simply by split testing their trust seal images!

Then it hit me. Why not do it myself?

(sidenote: besides being a conversion expert, I'm also quite the tech geek. I taught myself PHP and MySQL and manage a team of brilliant programmers)

So why not create a Trust Seals service that incorporates massive split testing of it's seal images across all of it's subscriber websites?

And why not provide real time page level conversion tracking and reporting to subscribers so they can see first hand exactly how much their conversion rates have increased?

Better yet, why not make it smart enough to automatically 'learn' which seals result in the highest increases in subscribers, sales, members, etc for each site's audience and then automatically display those to maximize each site's conversion rates?

Even better, why not make it so quick and simple to implement that a non-technical could do it in minutes and then 'set it and forget it' so that the system automatically does all the work without needing ANY attention?

Any why not make it easier to qualify for, remove the setup fees and make it a no-contract monthly deal so that subscribers don't have to commit to some yearly contract?

And finally, why not make it way, way, WAY cheaper?


So I Decided To Take On This Project Full Force. I stopped EVERYTHING I Was Doing And I Had My Entire Team Focus All Their Energy On Building The 'Be All, End All' Of Trust Seal Services...

I hired the best designers to create a ton of awesome seal designs that would be split tested to identify which seals inject the most trust onto web pages and therefore result in highest increase in subscribers, customers, etc.

I hired the smartest geeks I could find to develop a sophisticated algorithm for an automatic optimization engine that learns which trust seal images cause maximum increased conversion and then shows those seals the most.

I hired additional programmers capable of building such a powerful and sophisticated service (with so many levels of complexity) in such a way that was dead simple for anybody to use.

And along the way, we made countless changes, adjustments and enhancements as we learned and gathered new information.

It took my entire team and several specialists over a year to develop (not to mention a small fortune) but the finished product turned out to exceed all of our expectations.


Here’s What Some of Our Trust Seals Look Like…


(It's quick and easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


Now Here’s How Our Trust Seals Deliver Higher Conversion Rates Than Competitor Seals…

Enhancement #1: Display 3 Unique Trust Seals From 3 Separate Certifying Authorities

With competitors, you typically get ONE seal that address ONE concern of the customer’s visitors.

For example, McAfee’s HackerSafe trust seal is a security seal. It answers the question “Is this site secure?” but it doesn’t answer the questions “Is this a scam?” or “Is this site going to sell my information and spam me?”.

And Truste’s Privacy Seal answers “Is this site going to sell my information and spam me?” but it doesn’t answer the other two questions.

That's why you always see sites which have a HackerSafe seal, a Truste Seal and a Better Business Bureau seal. They each address a different one of your visitor's concerns and therefore maximize the conversion rate boosting effect.

Trust-Guard.com is the only provider to my knowledge that DOES answer all three questions with three different seals. However, they all come from the same auditing firm brand (trust-guard.com) so they don’t inject the same trust as does 3 different seals from 3 different auditing firm brands.

It’s like comparing one testimonial that address three objections with 3 different testimonials that each address one of the objections. The 3 testimonials would no doubt inject much more trust.

With MyTrustSeals.com, you get 3 different seals from 3 different certifying authority brands and ...

Each Trust Seal is uniquely designed to show your visitors that:


a certain 3rd party business identity verification firm has verified that you are not a scam or a ‘fly by night’ operation that will take their money and disappear


another 3rd party security verification firm has verified that your site is safe from hackers who might steal their credit card information or identity


and yet another 3rd party privacy policy verification firm has verified that you will not spam them or sell their information


Enhancement #2: Conversion Tracking and Real Time Reporting Module

In order to measure the increase in conversion, we built a real time reporting module that allows you to see the increase in your conversion rates as conversions happen.

You'll be able to see exactly, page by page, how much MyTrustSeals.com increases your conversion rates.

Enhancement #3: Automated Massive Split Testing
and Self Optimization Engine Module

(a) Massive Automated Split Testing -

None of the major Trust Seal providers split test their seal images. They create one seal image design, give it to all of their subscribers and don’t touch it for years. MyTrustSeals.com automatically split tests hundred of different seal images to identify the seal images that result in maximum conversion rates.

(b) Automatic Site and Page Level Optimization -

MyTrustSeals.com monitors your conversion rates for you and ‘learns’ which seal images result in higher conversions with YOUR specific audience (site level) and at each one of your web pages (page level). It then automatically displays the highest converting seals to maximize your conversion rates.

(c) Network Level Automatic Optimization

Additionally, the system also monitors all conversion activity on the entire network (across all member sites of MyTrustSeals.com), ‘learns’ which seals perform the best across all audiences and automatically displays those highest converting seals with new MyTrustSeals.com member sites so they hit the ground running with the highest converting Trust Seals in the system.

Enhancement #4: 'Set It And Forget It' Style Smart Seals

We put a lot of work into making this system extremely easy to setup and implement. You simply copy and paste some code onto your pages and those 'Smart Seals' take care of the rest. They auto detect which page they are on, which seal image was loaded and at what page position (location on your page) and update the system automatically.

This not only makes it extremely user friendly and but also makes it hands free so you can literally 'set it and forget it' and let the system do all the heavy lifting for you.

Enhancement #5: Page Position Split Testing Module

My experience shows that finding the right position at which to place your Trust Seals on your page is essential to maximizing the increase in your conversion rates.

For example, sometimes Trust Seals placed right under your ‘sign up’ or ‘buy now’ buttons can cause the double the boost in conversion rates as would Trust Seals placed at the top left corner. And sometimes they don't.

The only way to identify for sure the optimal page position is by split testing so we built this into MyTrustSeals.com and activating this advanced feature involves just a tiny tweak to your Smart Seal code.

MyTrustSeals.com will then auto-detect your different page position placements, start tracking conversion rates for each and will then let you know which page position placement results in the highest conversion rate increase.


(It's quick and easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


And Here’s How Ridiculously Easy And Quick Our Trust Seals Are to Setup…

With MyTrustSeals.com, you follow our step-by-step quick setup wizard that walks you through an easy and efficient verification process that takes minutes.

Upon completion of the quick setup wizard, your seals are active immediately. Then simply copy and paste some code onto your pages and let the system takes care of everything else for you.

It's that easy!

On the other hand, with competing Trust Seal providers, you have to go through a cumbersome and inefficient verification process that, depending on the provider, can take from several days to several weeks.

Now here's the typical setup process with competitiors:

• You may have to get your programmer to make the changes to your website
• You may have to change your business practices
• You may have to update your privacy policy
• You send them the documentation that they’ve requested
• You wait on them to manually review the documentation
• You make any other changes they request

And only then, IF you qualify, you get your seals.

Finally, Here’s How You Can Get Immediate Access To These Trust Seals And Take Me Up On My ‘Double Your Money Back Guarantee’ Challenge…

The site is currently in Beta and only a limited number of Beta accounts are available.

The reason we’re offering these Beta accounts is so that we can start ‘feeding’ the system some live seal performance data across a wide range of markets. The goal is to give it enough historical data to learn which seals perform best across a diverse set of audiences.

That way, when we launch to the public, new member sites/merchants will hit the ground running with the top tested and proven Trust Seals that generate the most subscribers and customers for them.

When the site does launch to the public, the monthly fee will be $127/month - which is cheaper than the price of competing providers.

However, as a Beta account member, you'll get access for only $127 $97 and this discounted rate will be ‘Grandfathered’ in for the life of your account

That means that when the price is raised to $127/mo, you’ll still have the $97 rate locked in and guaranteed. If you're on a tight budget, getting a Beta account right now while they're still available is the perfect option for you.

(It's quick and easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


THERE'S NO RISK FOR YOU: Either Your Conversion Rates Increase - Or You Get Double Your Money Back!


no setup fees


no long term commitments


no contracts


no obligation


no risk (the risk is all on me)

But I'm offering this 'double your money back' guarantee so you don't have to take my word for it.

So Go Ahead and Test This Risk Free!

(It's quick and easy, risk-free and takes only a few minutes)


Your Partner In Profits,

John Greer
Website Traffic Conversion Expert
CEO/Founder of MyTrustSeals.com

P.S. Beta Accounts are limited. Don’t wait or you’ll likely miss out. To make sure you lock in the discounted rate of $97, go ahead and get your beta account right now!


P.P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose.

Only one of two things can happen:

1) you either get more subscribers and sales

2) or you get DOUBLE your money back

Either way you win, so go ahead and get your beta account right now!